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Mechanism of Homecare Services

Homecare services are the services that you can use if you want yourself or your family member to be taken care of a health problem at home. The medical team such as a doctor and a nurse or Perawat Indonesia will to your house to perform all the treatments.

The mechanism of homecare services in giving the treatments is that, first, the home care or home health nurse, together with patient and family, will determine the problem and make the planning, decision, agreement about what service will be received by the patient, the agreement also includes the type of service, the type of equipment, and the type of payment system, service.

The patient will then receive services from the home care nursing service. The service is coordinated and controlled by case coordinator, either doctor or nurse, and every activity that is undertaken by service personnel should be known by case coordinator. Periodically, the case coordinator will monitor and evaluate the service provided if it is in accordance with the agreement.